Sweet-shop & bakery



When you will come to our place, immediately you smell fresh coffee and sweet bread rolls.

Our confectionery site can not be missed. You can find cheesecakes, tarts, cakes and much more.
Their are the best for our coffee.

Dietary vegan or gluten-free desserts disappear faster than they appear.



Our micro bakery offers you only healthy, traditional bread. We bake bread, buns, baguettes, etc. Leaven has been alive for many years and we take care of it like a friend of the house. We specialize in mini onions and buns. The offer also includes 'keto-bread' for people on a ketogenic diet.

We use natural ingredients for baking: iodized salt, honey from Lublin fields and meadows, herbs and grains. Bake the bread without yeast, flavor enhancers and leavening agents. We do not use powdered sourdough or any substances that color our bread.

The production process lasting almost 24 hours makes our bread unique and tasty for many days. Carefully selected ingredients, the secret recipe of our bakers, traditional baking methods handed over for centuries, combined with modern technology, guarantee the highest quality of our baked goods.