Cafe shop

Coffee is our true passion! We offer trendy coffee specialties among the locals and tourists visiting us during the holiday season.

We offer our guests coffee at the highest level. Our baristas are people who put their whole heart into their work. We work on an espresso machine designed by Piero Bambi, La Marzocco Linea PB - a combination of great functions and Italian design.

We buy grains in the best Polish roasteries. We constantly cooperate with the local Coffee & Sons brand and the Hard Beans roaster from Opole. Among our friends is also the 2015 roster world champion Audun Sorboten.

Our barisers are famous not only for the delicious esspresso, their specialty is also the latte art, so our coffee enjoys the palate as well as the eye.

As the first in Lublin we introduced "Slow coffees". In our menu we also have a wide selection of coffees brewed with alternative methods. Drip, chemex and aeropress are the everyday attributes of our baristas.

In our place often feature coffee events - both workshops and cupping.
In 2015 we hosted baristas from all over the country.