About us

Trybunalska City Pub is a modern restaurant.
To satisfy even the most demanding visitor we try to hold the highest European standards.

In the center of Lublin Old Town, on Rynek 4 street, at four floors of the design of the restored 17th century tenement house, we created a unique atmosphere.
In Trybunalska City Pub you can find everything in one place: restaurant, pub, cocktail bar, pastry shop, bakery, cafe and hotel. We start every day from 7am to the last guest.

Our staff is very important for us.
Two young girls watch over them: Agata and Renata.
Our team cares for your time will be full of inspiration and new experience.

At the bottom near the entrance to whole the complex, you will be greeted with freshly brewed coffee from our cafe, which is one of the few in Lublin to boast professionally trained baristas and coffee from the best European roaster.

At the confectionery site, tarts, cheeses and other pastries are prepared daily by professional confectioner. On the first floor we have cocktail bar with a variety of beverages including beer from craft breweries.

The first floor is also a dining room. Here you can sit the comfortable tables and enjoy a delicious meal selected from the menu of chef - Jarek Sak. The combination of tradition and modernity is not only specialty of place but also the kitchen.

The dishes we serve are mainly modern Polish cuisine with fusion elements. The menu is always up to date and available on the market.

Next floors are air-conditioned conference room and comfortable hotel rooms with TV, free internet and bathrooms.

During summer season, we have a large garden with a unique view of the square. For those who appreciate tranquility, the perfect place to relax will be our patio.

The tenement house in which currently based Trybunalska has a unique history. During the renovation, in one of the walls we found glass negatives of pre-war photos of the inhabitants of Lublin Old Town. They were made by a photographer who lived in this tenement house. We forwarded them to the NN Theater and now many of these photographs can be seen in the windows of refurbished Lublin tenement houses. The names of these people are unknown, but their faces remind us of the multicultural history of Lublin.